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Owners, Elk Valley Wood Shop

ABOUT Elk Valley Wood Shop

Growing up in the beautiful Umpqua river valley near the small town of Elkton Al loved the large Oak groves and Douglas Fir forests on his Grandparents Ranch. At a young age he was intrigued by the strength and beauty of the Massive Big leaf Maple, White and Black Oaks. Always having a love for design and manufacturing of Metal and Wood Products Al left his job as a Paramedic and followed his dream of woodworking. 

Elk Valley Wood Shop started in the fall of 2003 as wood shop specializing in Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Design and Manufacturing. After the Market decline of 2008 the Shop was closed. From 2008 to present Al's love for woodworking continued with hobby woodworking and being and handyman for friends and neighbors. Encouraged by friends and family Al began to turn custom designs in his small garage wood shop. Soon His wife Stacy joined in finding she could make beautiful custom jewelry from the remaining wood pieces that could no longer be turned. 

Unless otherwise mentioned, most of the pieces Al makes today still connect him to his beloved home in Elkton, Oregon. The White oak, Black oak and Wild Cherry are taken from Al's Grandparents ranch. Logged, Milled and Kiln Dried by Al and his friends. The pieces produced by Elk Valley Wood Shop are produced from the heart not with just our design but following the design of God.  


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